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Blog of Tom Vandenhende

With this blog on my personal website, from today on, I'm going to send you you more information and photos regularly.
This can be about Saint-Tropez, and life in the South of France, or about everything where I am working on every day.


With regular I do not mean every day, but if I have something to tell what you will find interesting.
Although there is actually something to tell you every day 😉
Such as when I have to show you some beautiful pictures made in or around Saint-Tropez.
Or if my neighbor Brigitte Bardot let the dog out, or as Giorgio Armani or Karl Lagerfeld in Senequier is next to me drinking a coffee, ...

Next to each picture should be a little story.

Living in France

Opposite to the life in Belgium, America, Italy, ... or wherever, this is not at all the same in France.
The habits and the mentality of the people are absolutely not comparable to those of us.
In my case this is Belgian.
Here, everyone carries a Rolex but they come easy a day to late ...

Working in France

Later you will also read in the blog about working in France.
Also, this is quite private comparing to other countries.


You will notice that those habits can be fun, but sometimes also painful anecdotes. .
However, you will also remark that I always keep the sense of humor.

Except on this blog I will also still regularly post on #instagram
gepost worden, al mijn oudere blogs zullen naar hier worden doorverwezen.  

If you want to be sure to read all articles, please write in the lower-right corner please your email address and you will receive a mail every time automatically.

And please ask or give comments at the bottom of this article 😉

Nice day,

Tom Vandenhende
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Blog van tom vandenhende
Blog of Tom Vandenhende

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