Brigitte Bardot

La Madrague Littoral saint-Tropez
La Madrague Littoral in Saint-Tropez
La Madrague Littoral saint-Tropez
La Madrague on the Littoral Saint-Tropez

Brigitte Bardot Saint-Tropez – 

When you visit Saint-Tropez it is absolutely worth to do a walk along the Madrague of Brigitte Bardot.
La Madrague is located on the Sentier Littoral. This is some four kilometers beyond the cemetery.
You will pass first along the Plage des Graniers. Further along the Mediterranean Sea, just after the Plage des Canoubiers where you will see the blue gate of the home of Brigitte. Very recognizable to the masonry dish. This is filled with fresh water every day for the walking dogs.

Further you see actually throughout the village souvenirs of her, from t-shirts to posters, in short, she's really a part of Saint-Tropez.
Here they said that it's her who makes Saint-Tropez, that was used to be a small and quiet fishing village, known in the world.
At the entrance of the village (Gendarmerie Nationale) is since 2017 also a statue dedicated to Brigitte Bardot.

Vergeet dus zeker uw fototoestel niet 😉

La Madrague de Brigitte Bardot by Tom Vandenhende


  1. La Madrague, het huis van Brigitte Bardot bevindt zich op het einde van de Plage Les Canoubiers, 1 km na de zeilclub, op de Littoral.

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