Les Graniers Saint-Tropez

Vers les graniers
Vers Les Graniers

Plage Les Graniers Saint-Tropez -

This morning I had to arrange things in the village, and do some shopping in the store in Cogolin (is a little further, but much cheaper).

On my way back I saw the fresh white snow above the Mediterranean Sea on the Alps, in the Sun, really beautiful ...
Dus besloot ik om wat dichter te gaan kijken 😉 op de weg achter de citadel, richting Plage Les Graniers.
Les Graniers is a quiet plage, in the summer really romantic. You can also take a delicious lunch.

Above picture I took around noon and if you look closely you will see the fresh snow.

The plage is located behind the cemetery. It is certainly (!) worth a visit, and also the ideal place for some vacation photos to take as a souvenir.

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Cimetière saint-Tropez
Cimetière saint-Tropez

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