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Club 55 2019 Tom Vandenhende
Club 55 2019 Tom Vandenhende

News from Saint-Tropez - Summer 2019 -

What's changed in Saint-Tropez this year?

Quite a few actually ...


Starting at the Plages on Pampelonne in Ramatuelle. There are some plages removed, including the most famous Plage des Jumeaux, Key West, Tabou Beach, ...
And there are some new such as La Reserve, Byblos, ...
By law is the public beach a bit wider, and are almost all plages and beach clubs, also changed from "Interior", structure and the latest handling also (still) higher prices to make it all some more exclusive.
You can rent a beach chair according to the beach from 20 to 70 euro per day. Have lunch there +/-25 euros to. ...
With 30000 visitors daily during the summer is Pampelonne a world-renowned place.

Going out

In Saint-Tropez itself there is no longer Café de Paris, it is La Guérite now. Here the same phenomenon, very expensive prices. One aperitif with 4 people will quickly cost 70 euro .... The reactions of the inhabitants and tourists are not so positive.

New is the COHIBAR. The new Manager of the Cohibar is a very friendly Belgian boy (Kenny), the prices are there – for Saint-Tropez – reasonable and the ambiance there is assured. Nice terrace.

Furthermore, there is La Petite Plage that works very good, the Salama who moved to where formerly Villa Romana was. These matters are always full, reservation is necessary. Also Le Quai and l'Opera, of course, runs at full speed.


There are some new and fun photo and art galleries including, of course, Riviera Art Gallery in Saint-Tropez where you can see and buy my pictures.

Your stay

The rental prices for villas and apartments, on the other hand, are slightly lower this year. Most likely this is due to the lesser question.

Still looking for an apartment, villa or studio for rent in Saint-Tropez for this summer ?
Please contact me, i have some properties directly by owner.

This year's summer started late, since the end of June there is some more people, but this is two months later than normal.

Anyway, enjoy your holiday and let the euros roles 😉

If you are interested in anything, for example a Mini Moke rental, a charter, a cheap or expensive residence, fine restaurants, you can always let me know something and I negotiate for you about the price.
Thats the way it works here.

Contact me for more info or news, or if i can do something for you.

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