Rayol Canadel

Bailly de Suffrin Rayol Canadel
Bailly de Suffrin Rayol Canadel

Rayol Canadel sur mer

Rayol Canadel is not known, but according to me one of the most beautiful resorts on the Mediterranean sea.
Here you have the real holiday feeling.

The authentic beaches let you think that the time is reversed.

Everything is there.

Sunbathe on the golden beaches
Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea.
Good lunch on the different small beaches as l'Ancre d'Or
Gourmet dining at the Hotel le Relais des Maures
Super fancy staying in Hotel le Bailly the Suffrin
A visit to Domaine du Rayol
and much more...

Have a look at the links below and you will understand me directly:

Domaine du Rayol
Hotel Bailly de Suffrin
Hotel Relais des Maures

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