Yacht Charter Saint-Tropez

Mr M Yacht Charter
Mr M Yacht Charter

Yacht Charter Saint-Tropez

– My latest project was started two years ago. It started with a friend here in Saint-Tropez, first it was more of a marketing project ...

Our intention was to create a luxury ' yacht charter ' more accessible for everyone. But also to offer a wider choice of yachts, affordable for everyone, so.

In 2018, we have rented plenty of yachts to a satisfied clientele. Without much marketing, just mouth to mouth advertising.
We rent out boats of 5 meters to ...

Now we are going one step further with a first web site where the charters will be offered : Yacht-Watcher.com – the site is under construction.
We are already accessible via Yacht-Charter-Saint-Tropez.com.

Yacht Charter Saint-Tropez

The advantage of booking a charter directly through us, is that we get our ships direct with the owner, so there is nothing to pay between the parties whereby we are quickly 20% cheaper.

Many Belgian and other foreign friends asked me also often to rent a super yacht.
This can be for a day, a weekend or a week. We supply all service on Board (bar, resto, flowers, breakfast, lunch, dinner, disco, bookings port and resto, plages...) Also before and after the charter (taxi, heli-transfer, complete organisation of your trip).

More information can be found on our site that we are updating constantly from now on, but for ny specific info, please send me a email.

Special offer for Secret Life

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